My Artwork on Home Décor by Kate England

Now you can find my patterns from on an array of custom-made home décor products at Roostery, the unique marketplace for indie design. From throw pillows, napkins, placemats to tea towels. 

Over the next year the product line will expand to furniture like chairs and couches to bedding like duvets and sheets as well as curtains. Take a look! 

A Note in August by Kate England

 Archipelago dreams and conversations. Photo: Kate England. 

Archipelago dreams and conversations. Photo: Kate England. 


  • The Ebb & Flow of Creativity: Feeling confident and unsure at once. 
  • ReadingLena AnderssonUtan personligt ansvar.
  • Drawing: Arctic animals and polar constellations of stars. 
  • Weekend Project: Archipelago dreams and conversations. 
  • Palette: Turquoise, brown and cream. 
  • In the Kitchen: Treasures from the farmer's market
  • Film: Lobster.
  • Inspired, The Memphis Group, Material Design, isometric graphics and iridescent colours
  • On the balcony: Wild strawberries, sage and black currants.